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Final Blog Post for EDCT


My blog posting for this class was overall, a lot of fun.  I enjoyed creating my own blog page and ways to design it.  This semester was intense for me, so it was hard trying to keep up with it every week, but it was still nice.  The only problem I saw with this blog website was that on some Sundays, if I waited to post something at night, then it would say it was the next day when it really wasn’t.  So maybe the timing was off and was on a different time zone.

This blog website is a great way for teachers to post their learning activities and other classroom lessons.  If a lesson that was covered in class was very difficult for the students to comprehend, a teacher can post a few extra activities and games to make it easier for the students.  This website can also keep parents and co-workers in tuned with the lessons that are presented with a particular class. Another good way to use this website is when a student has a project or study tips for other students (this will be for older students).  It’ll get everyone involved and will be a start for online technology.

April 28th, 2013


World Cloud Design


World Cloud Design

This design was made from the Tagxedo program and includes my philosophical views. I chose the tree outline because I feel it symbolizes growth, and that is a main goal of mine that I want to have in my future classroom.

Prezi Experience


For education, we were required to do a Prezi Presentation on Philosophy.  At first, I was really confused on how to work the online power point but after a while I got the hang of it.  I enjoyed working with it and it made the topic more interesting.  I will definitely use this in the future for teaching and I know the students will love the fun virtual website.


April 14, 2013

Organizing as a New Teacher


I cannot wait to graduate and become a new teacher! There are many organizing techniques that I have found useful to apply to the classroom.  Each day I will prepare a To Do List for the classroom and a Personal List for myself.  Another way to organize the classroom would be to have a folder holder for each day of the week (except for Saturdays and Sundays since school will not be in session on those days).  I will select 5 bright colors to represent each day and within those folder holders, I will put a few folders in them that contain: lesson plans, work sheets, tests notes, and other materials.  Also, another good organizing tip I found was having plastic bins.  I will store classroom books, school supplies, head sets, and other class materials that will be needed for classroom.

April 7, 2013

Christmas Break


Over Christmas break a few people from my organization and I went to Florida to help volunteer at Give Kids the World.  It is an organization that works with Make a Wish Foundation and lets kids with a terminal illness and their families stay for a week in a hotel/village.  In the village, there are many things to do.  Some of the things is swim at their heated pool, play in the arcade room, ride the train, play on the play ground, make a ‘Make a Wish star’, and many more.  It was a wonderful experience working with others and meeting the families.  I loved every minute of it and will definitely be going back to volunteer more.

March 27, 2013

E-learning site and reflection


For my education class, we had to create an e-learning site.  In my opinion, I think it is a great idea.  There are a few pros and cons to this type of structure for a classroom, but I feel there are more pros than cons.  A pros would be if a student was sick and missed a day of school, that student would be able to look online and find what he or she had missed and would get the overall idea of that subject.  Another pros would be if a child was having a problem with homework and forgot the text book and asked the parents for help, the parents could look online and see what lesson we learned that day and could get the information they need to help out their child.  A con would be the loss of face to face interaction.  If a child is having a problem with his or her work and feels more comfortable with technology, the child may try to find the answer from the e-learning site instead of asking the teacher personally.  I think the future looks bright with technology, especially involving e-learning sites like the one we created for class.

March 22, 2013



Today my soccer team had a game at 9:50 PM.  We play on a intramural coed competitive league. It was 11 v 11 and it was an intense game.  We ended up losing 11 to 8, but it was a great game in all.  Soccer is my favorite sport to play!  It takes a lot of energy, determination, and skills to play the game.

March 17, 2013