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Hi! I'm Lindsey! I like to think of myself as a believer and an optimist. I am in Middle Childhood Education. I thought this area would be best for me because I love being around little kids and I have always wanted to teach in a higher grade level in the elementary field (4th or 5th grade). I can't wait to be a teacher!

My Florida Trip


I had an awesome trip to Florida for spring break.  I went to Palm Coast to visit my close family relatives and we all had a blast!  A few days we went to the beach, though we didn’t get into the water as much because it was pretty cold.  We also went to Disney World!! We went to Magic Kingdom and got to ride so many rides and get our pictures taken with the original Disney Characters.  I was so sad when I had to leave, but it was a very nice and relaxing trip.  Definitely worth the 12 hour drive there and back!!

March 11, 2013


Traveling Advice


So for spring break I am going to Florida (Wahoo!!).  There will be a group of us riding in one car, which means it will be a tight squeeze, and each person gets only one bag (suitcase, duffle bag, etc).  Since I am a girl and I always over pack to make sure I have everything for any situation, I tried to find some new strategies to help me out, which I came across really cool ones in a magazine. So I can either wrap my clothes up or I can put them in bags.  When wrapping clothes, you roll up the article of clothing like a sleeping bag and pile up one another into the open space of the travel bag.  For the bags strategy, you separate a few of the items and put them in a ziplock baggie (a big one, not a sandwich bag).  Then seal it up after you get rid of all the air (so it will be a nice flat surface).  Try whichever strategy fits best with your situation!  I think I am going to try the ziplock sounds best for my occasion.  Have a good spring break everyone!

February 28th, 2013

Schools that use Social Networking



The first school I found that use social networking was Marietta High School (in Marietta, OH).  The grade level was 11th grade math.  The students had to come up with a YouTube video on a lesson they had learned that year (geometry).  Another school I found that used YouTube and other social media was Jerome High School (Dublin, OH).  The students who were in the Robotics club (Grade level of 9-12) had to do a video on a robot that they constructed and how it worked.

In Palm Coast, Florida, Indian Trails middle school uses twitter for announcements and news between the school district and students.  The middle school has grade levels of sixth, seventh, and eighth.  The middle school also uses the social media Rich Site Summary (RSS) for principal’s messages.

February 22, 2013

My Saturday Night


My week has been very busy and stressful, so last night I wanted to have a relaxed, fun-filled night.  I went to taco bell and ordered the Meal Deal number four with a Baja Blast.  After I ate my delicious burrito, I came home and played video games.  I played xbox online for a few hours and had a blast!  Afterwards I ended the night with an awesome movie named Megamind.  It is a great movie and I recommend seeing it if you haven’t, especially if you like cartoon movies!  Also, the slam dunk contest was on last night! For those who did not watch it, Terrance Ross from the Raptors had won.

Amazing Pizza Dip!


So I have experimented with this new pizza dip that I found in my cook book and it was absolutely delicious!! I used it for a Super Bowl dinner when I had all my friends come over and they all loved it! The recipe ingredients includes: 1/2 cup light cream cheese, 1/2 cup nonfat sour cream (or light), 3/4 teaspoon dried oregano, 1/2 cup pizza sauce, 1 cup shredded part-skim mozzarella cheese, and 1/2 cup grated Parmesan cheese.  These are the steps to follow: 1) Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. In a bowl, combine the cream cheese, sour cream, and oregano (stir until it is smooth). 2)Spread evenly into a 9-inch pie pan.  Top with pizza sauce and then mozzarella cheese afterwards.  Sprinkle (about 3 pinches) the Parmesan cheese on top and bake for about 15 minutes. For food to dip into it with, I chose to use triscuits (reduced fat) and cheesy bread sticks.  This dip turns out amazingly good! It’s also great for occasions when you have guests over! Good luck!

February 5, 2013

Assignment 3.1


A school that I thought presented 21st century skills well is Dublin Jerome High school.  This school has many academic activities and programs. These programs and clubs fit the 21st century skills because they introduce the modern era with the use of technology and other helpful information.  Some clubs listed were the Robotics Club, the Debate Quiz Team, the Math Club, the Physics Club, and many more.  Also available to the students is the preparation of the future for students within the classroom.

February 3, 2013

Staying Fit!


Lately I have been working out everyday, trying to stay fit.  I’ve heard of an awesome method that works amazingly! So for those who love treadmills, here is what you do:

Get on the treadmill and have a water bottle close by. First start out by walking a minute (any speed) on a level 1.  Then run a speed of 5.5 for the next minute. Run a speed of 6.0 for the following minute. Then for the minute after that, run a speed of 6.5.  You want to run a 0.5 up from your previous speed, for a minute each, until you get to 8.5.  Then after you hit that last speed, walk it out for 4 minutes (speed ranging from 2.0-3.5).  Afterwards, run the pattern again until you hit the speed of 8.5.  It may be exhausting and difficult at first, but after a while, it feels good and works like a charm! If you get overheated or do not feel well, then go easier on yourself and take it down a notch.  Good luck!