Final Blog Post for EDCT


My blog posting for this class was overall, a lot of fun.  I enjoyed creating my own blog page and ways to design it.  This semester was intense for me, so it was hard trying to keep up with it every week, but it was still nice.  The only problem I saw with this blog website was that on some Sundays, if I waited to post something at night, then it would say it was the next day when it really wasn’t.  So maybe the timing was off and was on a different time zone.

This blog website is a great way for teachers to post their learning activities and other classroom lessons.  If a lesson that was covered in class was very difficult for the students to comprehend, a teacher can post a few extra activities and games to make it easier for the students.  This website can also keep parents and co-workers in tuned with the lessons that are presented with a particular class. Another good way to use this website is when a student has a project or study tips for other students (this will be for older students).  It’ll get everyone involved and will be a start for online technology.

April 28th, 2013


About ljs14

Hi! I'm Lindsey! I like to think of myself as a believer and an optimist. I am in Middle Childhood Education. I thought this area would be best for me because I love being around little kids and I have always wanted to teach in a higher grade level in the elementary field (4th or 5th grade). I can't wait to be a teacher!

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