My Saturday Night


My week has been very busy and stressful, so last night I wanted to have a relaxed, fun-filled night.  I went to taco bell and ordered the Meal Deal number four with a Baja Blast.  After I ate my delicious burrito, I came home and played video games.  I played xbox online for a few hours and had a blast!  Afterwards I ended the night with an awesome movie named Megamind.  It is a great movie and I recommend seeing it if you haven’t, especially if you like cartoon movies!  Also, the slam dunk contest was on last night! For those who did not watch it, Terrance Ross from the Raptors had won.


About ljs14

Hi! I'm Lindsey! I like to think of myself as a believer and an optimist. I am in Middle Childhood Education. I thought this area would be best for me because I love being around little kids and I have always wanted to teach in a higher grade level in the elementary field (4th or 5th grade). I can't wait to be a teacher!

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