Staying Fit!


Lately I have been working out everyday, trying to stay fit.  I’ve heard of an awesome method that works amazingly! So for those who love treadmills, here is what you do:

Get on the treadmill and have a water bottle close by. First start out by walking a minute (any speed) on a level 1.  Then run a speed of 5.5 for the next minute. Run a speed of 6.0 for the following minute. Then for the minute after that, run a speed of 6.5.  You want to run a 0.5 up from your previous speed, for a minute each, until you get to 8.5.  Then after you hit that last speed, walk it out for 4 minutes (speed ranging from 2.0-3.5).  Afterwards, run the pattern again until you hit the speed of 8.5.  It may be exhausting and difficult at first, but after a while, it feels good and works like a charm! If you get overheated or do not feel well, then go easier on yourself and take it down a notch.  Good luck!


About ljs14

Hi! I'm Lindsey! I like to think of myself as a believer and an optimist. I am in Middle Childhood Education. I thought this area would be best for me because I love being around little kids and I have always wanted to teach in a higher grade level in the elementary field (4th or 5th grade). I can't wait to be a teacher!

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